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Protect Yourself from Allergens Around the Home with These Simple Tips

When allergy season arrives, people with certain sensitivities pay close attention to the daily pollen count and allergy report to make sure they can survive the day. But even indoors, you can be prone to allergies due to poor indoor air quality. Mr Duct Cleaning details some excellent tips to help protect yourself from allergens in your home.

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Regular house cleaning prevents allergens from sticking around and makes sure mould and microbes can’t grow. A vacuum with a HEPA filter helps to kill microbes, minimising allergy symptoms. You should also clean away dust with a wet cloth rather than a feather duster to avoid spreading it around.

Let Fresh Air Run Through Your House

The more you let air run across a surface, the cleaner it remains. It’s recommended that you keep air circulating whether it’s by running your fan or keeping windows and doors open. Of course, keeping doors open won’t help people with specific outdoor allergies such as ragweed and pollen. In those cases, homeowners should keep their house as tightly closed up as possible. Taking off shoes and jackets at the door can also help you avoid tracking in any allergens.

Change Your Air Filter

Changing the air filter of your heating or cooling system can play a big role in keeping your home safe from pollen and other seasonal allergy triggers. The air filter in your ducted heating, ventilation or air conditioning system can eliminate some contaminants and improve air quality. Most experts recommend changing filters monthly to quarterly in accordance with usage frequency. People with allergies may need to change filters more often.

Clean Your Air Ducts

The average home generates about 40 pounds of dust per year, which tends to accumulate in ducts, returns and registers. An air duct cleaning can clear out pollen as well as pet dander and microbes that tend to mix with dust. Air duct cleaning in Melbourne also removes dirt and dust from the surfaces of your air ducts, helping to reduce the levels of allergy-producing particles in the air.

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If you need duct cleaning in Melbourne to reduce dust in your home, choose the team at Mr Duct Cleaning. Call us on 1300 673 828 or message us online to learn more, discuss your requirements and make a booking.

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