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Molds: Your Invisible Health Hazard at Home

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What Is Mold?

Mold is one type of fungus and it can grow anywhere indoor or outdoor. When molds are growing, it releases spores into the air. When the spores land on onto any surface where is suitable for their growth, they can start to grow into new molds. When the mold spores travel in the air, carried by the moving air flow, they can be easily inhaled by people.

For people who are sensitive, molds can cause allergy reactions, including running nose, itchy eyes and sneezing, even asthma attack.

Mold thrives in a humid and warm environment, so bathrooms, kitchens and basements are the most common place indoor to find molds. These molds can be easily spotted and removed. There is one place molds grow but usually neglected by people is the air ducts at your home. Air duct lines are usually installed under your floor or inside the ceiling, where people can’t see the surfaces inside.

How to control mold growth in your home?

  • As molds rely on a moisture environment to grow, try reducing the dampness is the best way. You can dry up the wet areas every time you use the shower room, or the kitchen sink, to prevent mold growth.
  • For the areas already infected by molds, use cleaning aids to help remove them.
  • Have a heating and cooling specialist to check your indoor air system. Make sure no water residual inside the duct lines and other components. Professional air duct cleaners can help remove the existing molds inside your ducts, and ensure the system operates properly.
  • Check any leaks around kitchen sinks and pipes. Replace the joins or add insulation if necessary.
  • Regularly clean and vacuum your carpet.
  • Keep your bedroom well ventilated with good air circulation.

People should never underestimate the effect of molds on health. People should protect themselves by removing the existing molds and preventing mold growth inside the house.

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