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How to Maintain Your Air Ducts After Duct Cleaning

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You’ve just had your air ducts cleaned and it feels great! A good duct cleaning can refresh your home and provide you with a sense of comfort knowing that you’re no longer breathing in any nasty contaminants. While professional duct cleaning will take care of dust, mould and allergens for a while, there will come a time when you’ll have to have your ducts cleaned again. Fortunately, many businesses that conduct duct cleaning in Melbourne offer customers useful maintenance advice and recommended cleaning intervals for their particular duct system.

However, your particular duct cleaning professional may have neglected to give you any aftercare tips or advice at all. If that’s the case, don’t stress! Here are some helpful tips and general advice on how to maintain your air ducts between professional cleanings.

Dust and Vacuum Regularly

While it may seem impossible to fit even more cleaning into your already packed schedule, simply dusting and vacuuming your home more regularly is one of the best ways to keep your ducts feeling fresh after a professional duct cleaning. While most modern duct systems are good at filtering particles, no system can fully prevent dust build-up. The longer you leave dusting and vacuuming, the more particles build-up inside your HVAC system. The reason why you don’t want this is simple: it forces your duct system to work harder, deteriorating its components quicker and costing you money in the long term. To avoid calling out a duct cleaning specialist more than necessary, see if you can find time in the week to dust and vacuum even just once more than you usually would. By implementing this simple tip, you can prolong the life of your ducts and save money, time and stress in the process.

Ask Your Duct Cleaning Professional for Aftercare Advice

No two duct systems are created equal, and as such, they can vary in the level of care required after cleaning. The best way to find out what kind of things you should (and shouldn’t) be doing to your ducts after a duct cleaning is to ask your duct cleaning professional for aftercare advice. While most companies will give you this information as part of their service offering, some businesses that offer duct cleaning in Melbourne might neglect to give this advice, especially if they’re new. In more unfortunate circumstances however, some businesses may elect to not tell their customers about aftercare advice simply to try and profit from having to be repeatedly called back out again. You should be able to suss out the trustworthiness of the business during the quoting phase for your particular issue. The more reputable and trustworthy the company, the better the service you can expect.

Keep Your Pets Trimmed and Groomed

Yes, you read that right. One of the best ways to maintain your ducts after a professional clean and service is to make sure your pets are professionally cleaned and serviced too! One of the most notorious culprits found clogging up air ducts and duct systems is pet hair. While you’re carrying out your new dusting and vacuuming regime, pay special attention to any areas where pet hair might be accumulating. Shag rugs for example can harbour pet hair, fibres and dead skin cells that might not be visible until closer inspection. If you’re the owner of a particular breed that is known for year-round shedding (such as a Siberian Husky), consult with your duct cleaning professional or HVAC tech and see if there are any special filters or accessories that can be installed on your ducts in order to mitigate the swaths of pet hair clogging them up.

Prevent Your Ducts from Getting Wet After a Cleaning

While it may seem unlikely, you would be surprised at the number of customers who somehow manage to find a way to get their air ducts wet after having them professionally cleaned. Ducts that have been water damaged or have somehow drawn water into their system are more prone to festering mould as well as electrical faults and failures. This is most likely to happen during a storm or flooding event where leaks and water can seep into your duct system. Other times it can be carelessness or the bad luck of somehow pouring water into your duct system unintentionally. If you’re working with a professional company offering duct cleaning in Melbourne, they should be able to detect any leaks and properly seal areas that are especially prone to moisture build-up.

If you’re thinking of having your ducts cleaned and want the best aftercare advice, look no further than Mr Duct Cleaning. Our technicians will be able to give you a free quote as well as the best advice to maintain your ducts between cleanings. Call us today on 1300 673 828.

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