Get Your Home Ready For This Winter With Professional Duct Cleaning | MR DUCT Cleaning | Mr Duct Cleaning
Get Your Home Ready For This Winter With Professional Duct Cleaning

As the days turn colder, though, Summer is drawing to a close and we now set our sights on cooler weather in the fall season.  This Melbourne winter is coming soon,  so you and your family would likely be spending more time indoors.  It is the time for you to prepare to switch on your ducted heating system for the first time this season.

Your indoor air ducts play a vital role in delivering warm air throughout your home, and without them, maintaining a comfortable temperature is impossible. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a comfortable and warm home with clean air? Then, you may need to give your HVAC system components cleaned and serviced in the form of Duct Cleaning.


IMPROVE YOUR INDOOR AIR QUALITY Tip #1 – Clean & Check Your Heating system
Get your ducted heating system ready for this winter. If you haven’t had your ducted system cleaned and checked call a professional duct cleaning in a while, or you just haven’t thought about it yet, pick up the phone and make an appointment. It will give you peace of mind in the cold months ahead.


The fact is air out your house periodically. When it gets cold out, people tend to keep the windows shut all the time. This creates a very unhealthy indoor environment and you should always try to keep your home healthier. The reason for this is that we have many items in our home, such as carpeting, hardwood floors, furniture, dry cleaned clothes, and anything that is made of synthetic chemicals or has synthetic chemicals applied to it off gases. As the windows remain shut, a concentrated amount of these chemicals build up into your home and you and your family continuously inhale them. Therefore, by airing out the house at least once per week, even in the coldest weather, you will be allowing these chemicals to escape and bring in fresh air into your home.  A good 20-30 minutes each week should give ample time to get a decent amount of fresh air into your home to dilute those nasty chemicals. As a side note, don’t just open one window. Instead open a few and create a cross breeze to move the fresh air in and the stale air out.


And last but not least, have your air ducts cleaned. If you are due for a duct cleaning (we recommend approximately every 1 to 3 years or after any major renovations) then pick up the phone, call 1300 MR DUCT / 1300 673 828 and schedule an duct cleaning appointment today for a healthier home. Remember, the air ducts are the transportation system for all the air you and your family breathe. Over time dust, dirt, mold spores, animal dander, construction debris, and any other pollutants accumulate in your home’s air ducts.


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