Evaporative Cooling vs. Refrigerated Cooling

Evaporative Cooling vs. Refrigerated Cooling

Evaporative Cooling vs. Refrigerated Cooling

Do you often need to open a window or stick on a fan to cool down during the summer months? If so, you might want to consider a more effective form of cooling to bring you relief. There are two main types of cooling available: evaporative cooling and refrigerated cooling. The team at Mr Duct Cleaning have put together this blog post to help you decide which option is right for you and your home.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

With this type of cooling system, a central cooling unit is installed on the roof of your home and connected to a number of ducts which are located in different rooms of your home. A pump pushes water from a tank to the filter pads or specially designed cells in the unit, and warm air drawn from outside is cooled by evaporation as it passes through the filters. The cool air is then dispersed throughout your home via the ducts. Generally, for evaporative cooling to work best, some of the windows and doors should be open throughout the house.

What is Refrigerated Cooling?

Essentially, a refrigerated cooling system removes hot air from an environment, cools that air with refrigerant gases, and returns the cooler air back into the room. These systems have two components: the outdoor condenser unit where the refrigeration effect occurs, and the indoor fan coil unit which consists of a heat exchange coil and fan. For refrigerated cooling to work best, the windows and outside doors must be closed.

So, which is best – evaporative or refrigerated cooling? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each system.

Humid vs. Dry Climates

Living in Melbourne gives you an advantage when it comes to evaporative cooling, as humidity here is usually pretty low. Evaporative systems usually perform better in hot and dry climates. However, factors such as outdoor weather conditions and overall condition of your system can impact performance. If you want colder air, you should go for a refrigerated system. If you live somewhere humid, refrigerated systems provide more reliable and effective cooling.

Cost to Run

Refrigerated cooling is arguably more reliable and effective, but it’s going to mean a bigger electricity bill during those sticky summer months. Good insulation in your home will help reduce running costs for both evaporative and refrigerated systems. You can also save in the long run with regular cleaning and maintenance. At Mr Duct Cleaning, we can provide expert duct cleaning in Melbourne to keep your system operating efficiently.

There’s also another cost to be aware of when using evaporative systems – water. The model of evaporative system, the area you live in and the ambient conditions can all affect water usage rates. Evaporative coolers can also become clogged. At Mr Duct Cleaning, we will ensure your unit and ducts are cleaned thoroughly in order to prevent clogged dust, mud and other unpleasant elements.

Air Quality

With evaporative cooling systems, fresh air is constantly being pulled in from outside, filtered, cooled and then circulated through your home. The air is never re-circulated – it’s always fresh and clean, so “stale” air isn’t an issue.

With refrigerated cooling, the air is recirculated. This is often preferable if someone in your home is allergic to pollens. However, recirculated air can be an issue if your system isn’t maintained properly and the filters become clogged, causing the air to feel stale and stuffy. Another aspect to consider is the humidity of the air. Refrigerated air has less moisture and is therefore far drier.

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s essential to arrange regular duct cleaning in Melbourne to ensure your cooling system is operating at its best. Contact the experts at Mr Duct Cleaning today to make a booking or request a quote.

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