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To ensure the cleanest, purest air in your home or workplace, the importance of having your air ducts professionally cleaned cannot be understated. Moisture in the vents can lead to the growth of mould, which can lead to respiratory problems and other health issues if released into the air and breathed in. Dust in air vents can also potentially become a fire hazard if left to continue to build up. If you’re looking for thorough duct cleaning in Bundoora or nearby suburbs, call on the trusted team at Mr Duct Cleaning. Our experienced cleaners will have the air in your home and office as fresh as possible once more.

We are upfront with pricing, with no hidden fees

We are fully insures by Allianz

If you’re not happy, we will re do the job for you

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Contact our team today on 1300 673 828

  • Our experts possess the expertise to provide ductwork cleaning for residential and commercial properties alike.
  • We boast full public liability insurance.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is highly qualified and always available to answer any questions you may have about our process and assist you on the road to cleaner, healthier air for you and your family.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Services for Duct Cleaning in Melbourne

When you’re looking for superior quality duct cleaning Melbourne wide, you can’t go past the range of services provided by Mr Duct Cleaning. We can help you with an extensive variety of needs, including:

Our duct cleaners have a highly meticulous approach to all types of duct cleaning, using the finest products and the most effective techniques to deliver the very best results. Arrange duct cleaning in Bundoora with Mr Duct Clean today and discover the difference for yourself.

Why Choose Mr Duct Cleaning?

With so many companies offering duct cleaning Melbourne wide, why should you choose Mr Duct Cleaning to take care of your vents and ducts?

  • In most cases, we can provide fast, 24 hour turnaround on duct cleaning jobs.
  • We’re an independent family owned business.
  • Our cleaners constantly undergo training and development to ensure they remain up to date with best practice cleaning methods.
  • Our cleaners are fully insured, so you can be completely confident in their performance.

For the best duct cleaning in Bundoora, call us on 1300 673 828

We operate 7 days a week – 8am to 8pm call on

Contact our team today on 1300 673 828

Common Signs that Your Ducts Need Cleaning

A lot of people ask how regularly they should get their ducts professionally cleaned. Most specialists say every three to five years is sufficient, but you may want to get them checked and cleaned if you notice any of the following signs of dirty ducts:

  • House, furniture and air are all getting dustier
  • Bad air smell
  • High electricity bills
  • Respiratory problems and other possible health issues
  • Air filter in the duct is clogged

If any of these factors apply to you, it may be worthwhile to contact us and make sure your home or workplace ducts are working to their optimal ability.

Organise a Free Quote for Expert Duct Cleaning in Bundoora

When it comes to duct cleaning in Melbourne, leave it to the team with experience and a steadfast commitment to always doing the best job possible. Get in touch with Mr Duct Cleaning today by calling 1300 673 828 for a free, no-obligation quote. We provide duct cleaning in Bundoora and surrounding suburbs.

We operate 7 days a week – 8am to 8pm call on

Contact our team today on 1300 673 828

  • We have 15+ years of experience
  • Family owned and Operated
  • We have access to latest duct cleaning techniques and technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean my air ducts?

It depends on how many ducts you have.

Unlike other companies, Mr Duct Cleaning will not only clean your air ducts, but your unit as well. (Including a carbon monoxide test).

The whole process will take about 2-3 hours for a single system.

Is it worth to get my gas heater professionally cleaned?

The answer is absolutely YES! Your gas heater will last longer and work more efficiency.

If it has been routine cleaned and our professional technicians will perform their 100% effort.

Who is the best duct cleaner?

At Mr Duct Cleaning, we are always striving to perform our best cleaning duties and we keep learning as well.

We have been in this industry for many years, and are always fulfilling our 100% satisfaction with customers.

How to tell if your air ducts are leaking.

The 3 most common points are:

  • High energy bills.
  • Rooms are hard to heat/cool.
  • Rooms seems stuffy & uncomfortable.

How much does it cost to clean my heating & cooling system?

At Mr Duct Cleaning, we would love to keep you ahead.

Feel free to contact us for a FREE No obligation quote with No hidden Fees.

And we also offer 10% OFF if you re-book your Heating & Cooling cleaning with us.

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