Duct cleaning cleans clogged dryer vents found in your laundry. This service can help increase the efficiency of your dryer which means money saved on energy bills and also avoids the need of replacing this system. Also it reduces the risk of any fire hazards in the laundry.

Reducing fire hazard

It is recommended by dryer manufacturers that you have your dryer cleaned at least every year. Clogged dryers pose a fire hazard as it reduces the airflow in your system which leads to excessive overheating and potentially a fire. In the US alone 15,500 fires are caused every year by dirty dryer vents. Our service can assure that you avoid this risk so you can have a peace of mind.

Saving you hassle

Cleaning your dryer vents will prolong your system making sure it functions properly. This means less energy is used as no lint is clogged in the system which leads to a reduction in your energy bill. By cleaning your dryer vents you will save the hassle of getting your dryer repaired or replaced which can also cost a small fortune.

Professional cleaning

Vacuuming does not thoroughly clean the dryer vent. Special equipment with professional experience and qualifications is needed to guarantee that your dryer vent is cleaned properly. Our technicians are dedicated to help you clean your dryer vent the proper way to ensure a safe, productive and clean dryer by the end of our service.