One day, Isabelle was driving down the road listening to the radio when there was a down pour. She looked around the window trying to see a clear pathway to get home. She had her dog, Charlie, in the car, and he was being no help. Finally, Isabelle and her dog had arrived home. They sprinted inside and were still drenched from the rain.  Isabelle goes to dry off Charlie with a towel just as he decides he wanted to pull a Taylor Swift and “shake it off.” Water is going everywhere, causing more of a mess than before. Fur is flying through the air, the house smells like wet dog, and everything is chaos.

A couple of days go by, and the odor has not been resolved. The odor reminded Isabelle that she needed to get her air ducts cleaned. So she calls us Mr Duct Cleaning for an air duct cleaning for her both heating and cooling system in Point Cook.  She was very thankful that Mr Duct Cleaning was able to help her beyond her reach, and Charlie’s reach and left a very refreshing tea tree oil smell in her house.

Don’t think you have to clean up every mess alone. Mr Duct Cleaning can help you.

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