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Have you heard about Sick Building Syndrome? Is your office silently making you sick?

The Environmental Protection Agency says while the outside air is improving, the air we breathe indoors may be

getting worse. The essential causes of sick building syndrome are biological contaminants, chemical

contaminants from indoor or outdoor sources and inadequate ventilation and poor indoor air quality.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH):

47% workers suffer from blocked nosesick-building-syndrome-office-worker

46% workers suffer from dry throat

43% workers suffer from headache

28% worker suffer from itching eyes

9% workers suffer from difficulty in breathing


The quality of air that you and your employees breathe indoors is very important. After all, the average person is

spending most of his time indoors. Ducted Heating or Cooling System used indoors in homes and offices could

have a significant impact on indoor air quality (IAQ). So, this is why you need to improve your Indoor air quality

with professional duct cleaner, like us MR DUCT CLEANING.

Every commercial building should have its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tested at least two years. They could benefit from air duct cleaning. Professionals would clean literally every inch of your ducts to make sure maximum performance from your HVAC system. After all, the HVAC system is where all the air in your entire building is sourced from. Ducts are cleaned with powerful positive air compressor to blast away anything that is clogging the duct, such as bacteria, fungi, dust mites, pollen, mold and all other pollutants. During the cleaning process negative air is used to balance the positive air. This maximises cleaning power and prevents the particles and contaminants from entering back into the building during the actually cleaning process. Although this cleaning method does not use chemicals since there are chemical treatments available.


This is the service that could not be ignored.  You need to identify various indoor air quality problems as well as ways for preventing or fixing them. You must improve your indoor air quality with duct cleaning as it is logical that ducts always tend to get dirty over time. Thus, they need to be cleaned by professionals regularly.  Professional cleaning could help you to improve the productivity of your appliances, improve breathing, lower energy bills, and prevent problems like mold, dust, moisture and more.

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