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Air Duct Sanitising vs. Deodorising: What Service and When Do You Need It?

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Dust and dirt accumulate inside ducts over time, affecting their performance and efficiency as well as reducing indoor air quality. This can lead to unnecessarily high energy bills in addition to allergy-like respiratory issues and other health problems. It goes without saying that regular duct cleaning is important to keep ducts in the best condition, but it’s also recommended to sanitise and deodorise them as well. These extra measures are often overlooked, but they can go a long way to keeping your HVAC unit clean and hygienic. This blog takes a closer look at the differences between the two services, including how they work and when they’re needed. We’ve also got some useful tips and suggestions on how to prevent bad odours from developing in your ducts in the first place.

Air Duct Sanitising

Air duct sanitising is an advanced step of a duct cleaning service that usually costs extra. After dirt, dust and other debris is removed, technicians can sanitise the entire system. This involves eliminating bacteria, germs and microbes that aren’t visible with the naked eye. Sanitising ducts ensures the air in your property is safe, healthy and hygienic to breathe.

How Does it Work?

Air duct sanitising involves using sanitisers and chemicals such as sprays and liquids to clear out bacterial and mould growths. These are applied to lengths of the ducts via a fogging method for maximum effectiveness. The air ducts are then dried out, leaving you with germ-free ducts.

When is it Needed?

Air duct sanitising isn’t always necessary after duct cleaning, but it can be done if the situation calls for it. In the event that your ducts have been contaminated with mould or the system has been affected by a water leak or water damage, sanitising your ducts is highly recommended. Air duct sanitising ensures that all bacteria and viruses are thoroughly expunged from the system. You’ll not only end up with healthier and fresher air to breathe, but you’ll also be able to keep pets in the house without fear of coming into contact with harmful fungi or bacteria. It’s not possible to sanitise ducts yourself, so hiring an expert is a must.

Air Duct Deodorising

Cleaning ducts isn’t always enough to eliminate unpleasant smells coming from the system. This is where air duct deodorising comes in.

How Does it Work?

Duct deodorising is a preventative measure that involves fogging a deodoriser spray in the ducts and vents. This is then left to dry, after which the ducts should be free of bad odours, making it a great choice for homes and workplaces alike. Duct cleaning technicians may also opt to use industrial odour controllers for large industrial properties, eliminating bad smells and replacing them with a perfume-like fragrance.

When is it Needed?

Cleaning your air ducts might remove dirt and dust, but that doesn’t necessarily mean bad odours are eliminated. Unpleasant smells might linger after a clean, and air fresheners may only provide brief respite. In the long run, you’ll need to deal with the underlying cause which could be any number of things. Deodorisation can eliminate odours from your ducts, resulting in a much fresher and more pleasant space to live or work in.

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