MR DUCT Cleaning describes air duct cleaning as an essential part of home maintenance,
“It’s like bringing your vehicle to maintenance, and if you don’t service your car, you’re going to have a problem sooner or later.”

Overtime, you’ll be surprised on the amount of particulates trapped inside your HVAC system, and when your ductworks are loaded up with debris, the system will have to work harder to circulate the heated or cooled air throughout your home.

The Health Investment

health investmentConsider Duct Cleaning services an investment not only in your HVAC system, but most importantly- YOUR HEALTH.

You Duct Heating & Cooling functions as the respiratory system of your home. Household dust is comprised of pollen, dust mites, dead insect parts, bacteria, mold spores, dander, pet hair and toxic materials. And these contaminates are continually being re-circulated to every room into the air we breathe each time you switch on your HVAC system.

“The average child eats 15 to 20 milligrams of dust a day, and superslurpers eat 30 to 50 milligrams.” By science Author- Hannah Holmes

The contaminates can cause aggravated allergies, asthma, breathing problems or illness that affect the health and comfort of your family. You can eliminate these health risks by getting a deep Duct clean by our expertise.

Save your money

Air Duct cleaning can save you money on energy bills and maintenance which prolongs the life of your furnace. On average after Air duct cleaning, households experience a decrease up to 19% in their energy bills.

Air duct cleaning also helps heating and cooling systems to operating at the optimal level, this will save you the hassle any potential mechanical failures in the future.

Efficient Time Saving

Do you ever feel like your house is dusty even though you clean it regularly? Don’t you find this frustrating and time consuming?

This is most likely caused from dust in your air duct system built up over many years of use. Therefore Air duct cleaning is the solution.

After our air duct cleaning service you will be surprised from the reduction of dust in your home, this will save you hours of cleaning.

Important facts you must know

  • Australians spend more than 90% of their time indoor, poor indoor air quality can result directly impacts on your health and well-being. (Source: IMAP)
  • In a typical six-room home, approximately 40 pounds (20 kg) of dust is accumulated annually through everyday living. (Source: NADCA)
  • Children, pregnant and elderly are groups likely to be more vulnerable to exposure to air pollution. (Source: NSW Health GOV)
  • Allergies, asthma, lung cancer and heart problems have all been linked to poor indoor air quality. (Source: EPA)
  • The quality of indoor air can be up to 70 times more toxic and polluted than the worst outside air. (Source: EPA)
  • A build-up of 0.042 inches of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21%. (Source EPA)
  • 1 out of 6 people suffer from allergies due to fungi and bacteria in air duct systems. (Source: Total health magazine)
  • Over 15,000 start in laundry rooms, causing about $84 million in damage (Source: CPSC)

How Do I Know If I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

This is the most commonly asked question from our customers over the past years. It is strongly recommended to get your duct unit serviced every 2-3 years EXCEPT if you are experiencing any of the problems listed below.



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Our duct cleaning process

DUCT Cleaning technicians are all certified by NADCA with extensive knowledge in the industry. We equip our technicians with the latest technology imported from US specialize in duct  cleaning process to assure that your Duct systems are cleaned from top to bottom and appear to be “like new”.


    Mr Duct Cleaning technicians start by performing a carbon monoxide testing to ensure your heating or cooling system is working properly without any faults or leakages to provide our customer a peace of mind.


    Next step, our technicians will carefully disassemble every grills or air filters attach to your air duct openings and clean them using high compressed air pressure to blast pollutants away.


    Then we systematically clean the fan, motor, air filter, all internal compartments with high compressed air pressure generated from van-mounted Ultrasonic tank.


    Our technicians continue cleaning the return air duct and all duct lines using powerful duct cleaning and vacuum machine with a long hose and flexible rotating brushes to break & collect all the contaminants.


    At the end, our technicians finish by sanitizing and deodorizing the duct system with Bactigas- the natural tea tree oil based compound to possess antimicrobial activity and leaving a fresh, clean fragrance.